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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

my setup: g&l s-500 strat -> bad monkey -> fender blues jr. tubes after years of playing acoustic bluegrass, i finally broke down and started picking up some electric equipment again. i like to play/write good old fashioned rock and roll influenced by everything from elvis to johnny cash, the stones and the ramones. all the good stuff, none of the garbage the kids are playing today. i dig a good, solid tube driven amp without a lot of distortion. the bad monkey does a fairly solid job of it. i needed to drive the tubes at lower volume levels in my house for practices, and that's why i got it. it took me several weeks and alot of fiddling with knobs to get the sound i wanted, but finally i think i'm there. this probably isn't the greatest pedal out there, but for the price it's fine by me. the separate bass/treble knobs let you dial in just the right sound for your tastes (and amp setup). separate level and gain knobs allow you to get the right punch and attack.


to early to say, really. but i think digitech builds solid equipment. treat it right, it'll last forever. bash it like pete townshend and it'll last just one day.

General Comments

if you're into nu-metal or iron maiden or something, obviously you and your mesa boogie are looking for a different pedal with more drive. but for a good 70s style overdrive (zz top, stones), this gets the job done. i like to use it for just a little extra umph on lead parts and will sometimes keep it on for a dirty rhythm sound.

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