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Sound Quality

I think it's one of much better stomp box flangers on the market. (once again, mines a japanese made unit that's probably 10 years old.) Most of the tones are very useable and don't suck the tone from your guitar. I'm able to nail the tone Robin Trower used on "A Little Bit of Sympathy" running my strat plus through a Tech21 XXL distortion into my BF-2 flanger into a Peavy classic 50. The reason I did not give this a 10 is because I used to own a late 70's MXR grey flanger. The Boss was close on some sounds, but fell shy on the leslie/univibe thang. The MXR was also a little deeper sounding.


I had a cat piss on my old Boss CH-3 chorus a couple of times at the old gig house. It still worked great (never did get rid of the smell though). And having freinds drunkenly help you tear down at the end of the night and drop your pedal board down a flight of steps onto concrete.....the Boss's survived for the next night.

General Comments

Overall this is as good as flanger as you can get for under a couple hundred bucks, including analog rack mount. The reissue MXR grey flangers are an embarresment to the vintage 70's units. That's kind of what it boils down to for most of us...$45-$80 for a flanger that works great and sounds really good or $175-$250 (depending on the market) for a original MXR grey box.


In recently disbanded group of 10 years, we did everrything from Collective soul and Nirvana to the Beatles and STP plus originals and I know from some of the situations we got into, you don't want to take vintage gear onto postage stamp sized stages where drunks want to REALLY get involved with your music.


Tell you what, with the extra $130 bucks saved, I bought a 1980 DOD 690 stereo analog chorus (yummy!!!!) 20 pack of CD-R's and two cases of Killian's Red and had a hell of a good time!

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