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Sound Quality

everyone here must consider that this unit was made 20yrs ago. now for those who've been playing for 2-5 yrs probably couldn't tell you what the deffinition of tone really is. so here's the 28 yr veteran's. my set up consists of marshall '98 JTM45RI 2245 30w with mercury mags output tranny JJ 6l6 and pre's, top hat 2x12 cab w/g12h30 and g12m25 les paul studio,m custom shop strat, 72 thinline, shecter c1-h. i will tell you jwithout the preamp the tone is awsome, with the preamp the tone is enhance tremendously. the only reason the product was purchased was so i could go from sparkle clean to over the top gain and sustain in the flick of a switch. keep in mind that the tonal quality of this piece is very vintage. you can get the modern sound out of it with a little tweeking to the preamp in the head. i would not suggest the use of any effects loop, the reason is, you can fine tune the eq settings with the head unit. you can turn the knob just an 1/8 of an inch and say "wow, i heard that!"


couldn't tell ya, never needed it

General Comments

i play everything from blues to metal to classic rock r&b whatever (28yrs), i have other gear jcm800, risson, matchless, yadda yadda yadda. i've tried it with everything and it all sounds good. take the time to play with it, it takes time. use a midi pedal and tune the thing to each one of your guitars so you can have a clean 1&2 OD 1&2 and lead tone if you feel the need. i am putting it in conjunction with a rocktron chameleon for the clean efx and using the jmp for the distorted sounds. if it were stolen or lost, i would replace it.

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