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Sound Quality

Main rig is a 1982 52' Tele reissue with Joe Bardon pickups into a Blackface Fender Twin. There aren't enough O's in smoooth to describe how great my tone is with the original Fulldrive. I have heard the Fulldrive 2 and it's good - but the original has more mojo than anything.


I have had this since 1996 and it has never failed me. I don't have a backup because nothing else is worth carrying.


General Comments

I play a varity of styles and use the Fulldrive for crunchy rhythm and bluesy riffing. For balls-out lead playing, I use the Bi-Expandora. Other musicians are always complimenting me on my tone. The fundation for my tone has been and will be the Fulltone Fulldrive.

Reviewer's Background

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