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Sound Quality

Minimal projection due to the body size. Not the guitar of choice for room performances withour being plugged in. However, plug this unit in and it shines. Super responsive and resonant pre-amp/EQ system. Very versatile, which helps in really shaping your sound. Excellent for recording and live performances.


I have only had this guitar 2 months, however, I have played it a lot. I have not put it through any real tests of durability thus far, but what I see so far would leave me to believe that this guitar will hold up fine for a long time.


General Comments

Great guitar for the money. Looks great, plays wonderfully and recieves a lot of positive feedback. If you're looking for a great compliment to your studio or stage guitar rack, make a Peal part of your music family. You won't be sorry!

Reviewer's Background

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