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Sound Quality

This pedal is the KEY to my tone. This is the ORIGINAL silver-boxed Fulldrive, which I have had since 1995. I run it through original Blackface Fenders (Deluxe Reverb, Princeton Reverb, Vibro-Champ) with a PAF-equipped Les Paul, a '74 Les Paul Custom, a '65 SG Special, and a Barden-equipped Tele Custom. As someone else said, this pedal has the "mojo" and is the "Holy Grail" of my pedals. I could have my tone without it, and I have tried EVERY pedal under the sun. It can be a smooth boost to a hard and overdriven tone. VERY clean, quiet, and transparent.


No problems. I sent it back to Mike for a tune-up. It was just preventive maintenance. I wanted it checked out by the builder/master. He eyeballed it, cleaned it up, and sent it back.


General Comments

As I said, I could have "my sound" without this pedal. I would hunt to the ends of the Earth in search of another if it was lost. My Fulldrive is one of the first units ever made, and it is the best money that I have ever spent on a pedal. I guard it with my life. Thanks again Mike!

Reviewer's Background

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