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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I placed a submission on 10/23/04 and want to add a significant note. I just exchanged the two original ECC 83 tubes which seems to be of chinese make. These tubes have high gain but no tone! The fuzziness some revieuwers talk about could be caused by the tubes who seem to get worse in time. I now have JJ ECC 83S tubes in the JMP-1 and the sound is much better!! Better means more TONE! The clean sounds to me are warmer but also more brighter and more in balance. The distortion sounds are "cleaner" and have more clarity. At first you think there is a bit less gain but it has just more definition and as I said: TONE! Maybe you have to play more precisely than before but this is what a good (pre)amplifier is about. It let you work a little harder but rewards you with a purer and more versatile sound (still very Marshall thoug). The tubes can be changed easily. Just remove the top cover and the 2 side supports. The tubes can be pulled out and the new ones can be pushed in. If you're not sure about the "do it yourself" you could ask a technician. The JJ tubes are inexpensive but very durable. Of course you can also use tubes from other brands like Svetlana or even the expensive "NOS" Tesla tubes. But it sure can be worthwile to try a pair of new ones! By the way: the discussion about the JMP-1 not being a pure tube pre-amplifier considering all the ic's and other electronic parts is IMO partly true. I think it IS a compromise of midi, versatility and sound. For the typical purist this unit will never satisfy, even with the better tubes. Therefor you have pre-ampifiers with "all tube design" but not the flexibility (except of course the really expensive once like Soldano). Still, I think the JMP-1 is a good deal considering the price. But you have to decide for yourself as always and just choose what suits you best.


General Comments

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