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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I play classic rock from the 80's in a coverband and use a Marshall 8008 VS poweramp that drives a 1960AV in stereo. First I used the Peavey transistor amps that were standard in the rehearselroom and I didn'like the shrill distortionsound ...sorry Peavey.....however, yesterday I bought a used Peavey classic 50/50 for replacing the valvestate and this will be (much?) better. No Marshall 50/50?? you ask. No.... cause I like a more neutral, heavy sound with lots of warmth, not to agressive. Because that can happen with the JMP-1 easily if the rest of the chaine is also Marshall (but maybe you want this!). And here is a note: ofcourse this is a talk about the JMP-1 but obvious the whole chaine is important! In my set up with the budget 8008 the JMP is sounding very good already which is also due to the 1960AV (very nice cabinet!) I play on superstrats with SD custom 5 pick-ups and recently bought a Boss PW-10 V-wah (replaced my cry-baby). The other guys of the band are enjoying the sound I get and dont't run away, so thats a point for Marshall. As said, things will improve with the Peavey 50/50 (more warmth and dynamics). The JMP is controlled by a Digitech midi floorboard and switching is accurate and flawless. In the beginning I had to tweak the eq much, but now it is set right and it will do fine. I'm very happy with the unit. At home I record instrumentals in my studio and I must say that the direct recording with the compensated outputs is amazing! The trick here is to use the proper effects so the dry sound is given a good live ambiance. Blend in the mix the sound is convincing and pure. It isn't the same as miking your cabinet, that will always be better (more lively). Clean sounds are good enough for me but I can understand the critics. Well..... it sounds good, plenty of gain, is relatively noisefree (not the OD2), very versatile and affordable.


I have not used this unit intens yet but have no problems. Only thing is that the dataknob skipps presets now and than. That can get on my nerves sometimes. Seems build ok and I don't expect serieus problems.

General Comments

I,ve been playing for 26 years and recently started a new rockband with my brother on drums so we try to be Van Halen!! ;-) The gear I use is already mentioned but I also use an Alesis Quadraverb but will replace it. Further more Fender Stratocaster usa, Maverick X-1 (I won this sucker in a contest!) and I have a small home studio for recording rock instrumentals. When stolen, I would look around for the new developments that have come up but knowing this JMP, I will set it on top of the list for now.


Finally, as said earlier.....work on your tone and talent and be sure to judge equipment fiarly, and don't blame it when you have a bad playing day or have not been practising enough! Cause there is a chance that the equipment has a higher quality level than yourself. But it won't judge you!!

Have fun.....

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