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Sound Quality

I use it mainly for recording into my p.c. Im using a bc rich warlock with an emg85 in the bridge position. In fairness the output of the unit seems a little on the low side, could be a little hotter, but it is suppossed to be used mainly in front of an amp. I found the clean sounds to be very dull and uninspiring. They seemed to lack that sparkly shimmer you would normally expect. However the drive sounds are where its at, and the korg certainly delivers. Powerful overdives and distortions to cover the entire sonic spectrum. Even at the higher gain settings the sounds retain a lot of definition, and by using the guitars tone, can certainly deliver a wide spectrum. Top stuff. Some of the modulation effects are a little samey but are different from some of the more standard offerings from other units, and can provide inspiration. Again you may only use them on one song before the inspiration runs out, but they also add some fun.


Solid build consruction. Played for hundreds of hours on mine and never had one fault. I take it out live but only as a back up to my amp (trace elliot speedtwin)so if my amp goes down I can plug straight into the p.a and have a sound I already know.

General Comments

As im a metal manaic the lack of decent clean sounds is not a problem as such. The great drive sounds and ease of use make it a great studio tool, and a great backup for live work.

The pedal could use a little more travel, and a more confident way of switching it on and off, and as stated, the loop recorder could be more intuitive, but for the money it is a great little tool, which has served my need for speed (and hi gain lunacy!) well.

If it were stolen I would probably try the ax1500g just for the extra flexibility.

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