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Sound Quality

I have been using it with Fender Custom Guitar,Yamaha 30W DualChannel Amplifier through Zoom 505 II guitar processing unit and I can say that I am very satisfied,I can get really close to that new wave metal crunchy sound with bulky low end but then again,this pedal leaves so much place for CRYSTAL HIGHS for leads and soloing,I couldn't believe,it's not in sale anymore and in Boss offical catalogs since these babies are very rare,I got my used from a friend. Many people offered me a lot for it,one wanted to trade Boss Distorsion for it,one wanted to give me 15W Fender Amp for it,can you belive but hey I said no,this thing do it's job and i get what I want from it.It's more powerful and versatile than much weaker boss pedals like DS1,Turbo Distorsion or Mega Distorsion,maybe it's similar a bit to Metal Zone.Anyway,excellent metal pedal,very versatile and probably one of those rare pedals that will give you bulky top bottom low end and at same time crystal highs for leads and soloing,I just can't understand how this pedal can hold those two ends at same time so easily??


I can depend on it,it's reliable,it's heavy,sturdy and it looks it's gonna last.My friend used it very often and when I bought it from him it was almost like new,it can handle kicking,falling and things like that and it's very hard to get it out of bussiness.

General Comments

I play really different stuff,mostly metal,now and then some hard-core,to mildy and sweet vintage tones of '80-ies and stuff and this pedal works fine with all of that since it's very versatile.

I have been playing guitars not much,probably a year and half by now but I play it very often and most time of the day so I got pretty comfortable with it.I own Fender Custom Guitar,Ibanez IC300 guitar,Marshall 50MFX amplifier,Yamaha 25W amp,Zoom 505 II guitar processor and hope to buy WAH soon,hehe.If this pedal is lost or stolen I know I wouldn't buy it again because here where I live these babies are rare and used by few people so I guess I would find a alternative solution.I love almost everything about it,it's made like tank,nice with beautiful black finish and orange letters,like a candy on my pedalboard.I was mad cause it sucked my 9V batteries so fast,but now I bought AC/DC adaptor and no more complaints.

I compared it with Boss pallete of effects,and It's the best distorsion they made so far in my opinio,hehe :-).It's rare and hard to find here where I live (Croatia) so I am proud to have it.

If you find this baby somewhere,steal it or buy it.Or,you 'll regret it!:-))))



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