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Sound Quality

My experience with Roland is that they don't spend much time on the presets--but I find this a good thing. I'm happy with so many presets on my Virus that I find little room left for my own sounds. There are plenty of sounds that have good starting points. Overall the sounds are a bit sterile--but this is a PCM synth--not an analog!!! The synth type sounds are much better represented, the strings were better than my kurzweil but the piano was not.


Has traveled cross town close to 12 times a week and been dropped a few times while being in a soft case. Any roland i've owned was built like a tank.

General Comments

Overall it was worth selling my kurzweil for this just due to the speed of use, and when i use its seqencer, life is very fast. The kurzweil had many more options for patch editing, but i made the decision that i wanted to write songs instead of really complex patches. Fantom's synth programming is still very good--don't get me wrong, but you don't have the same detailed level of control... Those who have used k2xxx series know exactly what i mean.


Polyphony is of no concern. I used a Kurzweil as my main board and never had problems (and it had 48 voices vs 64). If you're using this as your sole keyboard i don't know that I'd do that--mine is primarily for drums, loops, and as a master sequencer for playing onstage. The synth sounds as i said were the best, but it won't compare to an ACCESS VIRUS or other good analog gear. If you want something with bread and butter sounds, this board is about 50/50. But I really don't like using presets anyway so--well there you go.


If you have any questions, remove the entire *nospam* part of my email addy to send me an email.

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