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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Again, please see my other review of the 30-watt version for more info here. I think this amp sounds fuller due to the larger cabinet and the 12-inch speaker. As noted before, if you are not gigging and want to record with this, you're better off with the 30-watt version as the fan in this thing is annoying as hell. I can see the plug for it inside through the rear grille, so maybe I'll take it apart and unplug it at some point. Most amps don't absolutely have to have these anyway, unless you use it out in the sun at 100 degrees cranked wide open. Excellent cleans, great distortions, the best modeling I have heard yet. Superior noise gate, decent effects, and it sounds great cranked up. Overall outstanding tone from a $360 amp.


Looks reliable. Only one tube, so in theory it should be more reliable than a traditional tube amp. Time will tell.

General Comments

Been playing about 10 years. I've submitted dozens of reviews here. This is one of my favorite pieces of guitar gear so far. If it were stolen I would replace it. It's reasonably lightweight, has plenty of bottom end from the closed-back design, has a usable compliment of effects including an outstanding reverb and noise gate, sounds great, and has enough volume to gig with. Overall an outstanding value. This is the modeling amp for guys who hate modeling amps!

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