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Sound Quality

Superb! This is definitely one of those anomolies among digital multi effects processors. Very high-fidelity effects definitely geared towards professionals and studios (not for simple home practice use). Loads and loads of presets/sounds can be downloaded from the Korg A series website. Highlights are the modulated effects (chorus,phaser,wah). Preamp/distortion are OK...would recommend separate stomp boxes though.


Looks like it will last...however, frong panel has small flimsy knobs that look like they can easily be bent or broken off in transit.

General Comments

This is the bigger brother of the Korg A3. Includes all the features of the A3 plus true stereo outputs and...ALL the chains are built in (do not need to use separate cards to load up chains). There are absolutely NO difference in sound quality or digital circuitry between the two units. The A2 simply has ADDED features....not REPLACED features. The A4, on the other hand, is a totally new beast...I'd stay away from it.


The Edge of U2 uses this (A3) for many of his sounds on Achtung Baby and Zooropa.


Ed O'Brien of RADIOHEAD used this processor heavily on their first two albums (Pablo Honey and The Bends). Excellent for his wide canvas of sounds and sonic ranges.



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