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Sound Quality

I have an Epiphone Les Paul (Standard), through a Marshall Park G30RCD. The sound quality is very even on this half decent set up. Personally, I found it a bit hard at first to find a good overdrive, because the Cabinet emulators create a 'hollow' sound. But, this can be turned off. I've read some of these reviews, and they say that the pedal produces hidious hissing noises on certain effects and modulations. I think they haven't discovered the excellant Noise Reduction control, which can be adjusted to remove all background noise if required. BUT. I found a major drawback that still bugs me. If I want a pedal effect on, it automatically turns off the modulation effects. This means, I can't have a phaser mixed with a Wah effect. I play a lot of Manic Street Preachers, and so far, I have successfully reproduced one desired effect or another (even that cool phaser bit at the beginning of Tolerate).


Its solid metal casing means even my elephant feet won't mark this baby. The pedals may be a bit on the small side, but thats only a minor niggle. I would fully gig this, as it has such a good build quality.

General Comments

This is an excallant effects pedal for mid - rock music (Manics, OCS, Oasis at a push). I don't think it has the uummph for more heavy metal music, but then again it depends on your amp. On a 4x12, it would run as slick as Christmas.

I've been playing for 5 years, and the only other effects pedal I have is a Boss Flanger. The controls on the AX1000G mirror the style of the Boss stomp boxes, and that's what first drew me to it.

Don't expect a GT5, as thats a whole different price tag. Do expect something that'll kick the ass outta your mates Zoom 505, in terms of sound, style, build, interface, U-Vibe effect etc..

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