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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Playing with Custom tele with a p90 neck and mini-humbucker bridge. I had a few telefunken 12ax7 laying around, so I decided to put one in to see if it would make a difference. I really didn't think it would, because the circuitry of this amp sorta "samples" the tube to correct its tube emulation algorithms. The tube itself is not an actual component used for amplification. Surprisingly, it made a huge improvement! I've had issues with microphonics with the telefunkens in the past, especially in a combo amp. I don't think it's going to be an issue, and sure as heck didn't notice any problems. Probably because the tube isn't actually being used to drive an amplification circuit. It does make a huge, positive difference. I could hear it immediately with the AC30 model. Not to slight the electo-harmonix 12ax7eh. It's a fantastic tube. Much better than the JJ's, and the other russian stuff. The line-out is awesome. It sounds very true. I've already used it to lay down some tracks. You basically have, at your fingertips: a dumble clean amp two blackface fenders an ac15 an ac30 a jtm45 a jcm800 a slp2000 a dual rectifier a soldano a dumble overdriven How true are the sounds? VERY. Much better than Line6. I have no doubt a double blind test would end up 50/50 with people chosing the ad50vt as the real thing. So what about the reviews where people say it doesn't sound *just* right? Two caveats: The built in speaker (some vox/celestion partnership thing) doesn't do any style particularly well. I guess that's all well and good for a do everything amp, but speakers are a huge part of good sounds. The line out sounds dead on. The speaker, however, can't accurately produce the sounds completely. If you put a Vintage 30 in this thing, then MOST of the amps would sounds better, but the tweeds would not. They decided to try to make amp/cabinet models for the fender emulation. The "tweed 4x12" sounds great line-out, but sounds iffy through the speaker. I'm going to order an avatar 2x12 special (one v30, one G12H30) for miked recording and gigs. It should be the perfect speaker combination to satisfy all things. That, and that particular combo covers most of the sonic range, and will be the best bet to accurately reproduce what happens at the line-out.


Well, they did cut some corners (no pun intended, I'll explain). It has plastic corners. I'm going to replace them with metal. They kinda cheated on the inside and didn't make a full metal chassis for the electronics. It's more like a shelf. It's particle board and not voidless plywood. But hey, what do you want for 350 bucks? As long as you aren't a stumbling drunk retard, this amp should last forever. Just be slightly more careful with it. It is nice having huge, accurate tube sound with only one tube to worry about.

General Comments

It's a great amp. It's a much better option than the AD30VT because you have the speaker out, and it's loud enough to gig over a drummer. The stock tube sounds great (and is really a great tube) but you can upgrade to a telefunken for about 40 bucks via ebay. The stock speaker isn't too bad, but you'll want an external cab for a gig if you are hell bent on accurately hitting those vintage sounds.

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