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Sound Quality

i ran 2 ibanez rg's into a bad horsie and a whammy into a laney gh50l half stack with the me-6 plugged into the parallel fx loop. i used the me-6 for mainly delay ,modulation and reverb on a couple of patches for ryth plus a little of the eq on the overdrive channel to enhance the laneys mid range for leads.i could sort of cop that drop dead legs sound which suited the VH, roth, hair band stuff i was playing at the time.i bought a second one later on to get that dream theatre morphed sound by splitting after the whammy into a second me-6into the front of a solid state 60 watt in conjuntion with the laney setup which worked great except my pedal array was too big for the stage.if i put out the front of the laney it just plain sucked.crap distortions,fair compressor ect., just not a great unit to generate front end tone.but in fairness the multi fx of the day were primarily based around the concept of storing combinations of stompbox fx with instant recall.this is one of its redeeming features, given the parametric simplicity of the effects, patch changes are so quick and quiet because the algos are so small.(i have 2 j-stations that take ages to change patches via midi and they are not seamless).its quiet if you are not using the compressor or fuzzesas the noise gate has sharpe teeth and fuck all ajustability.tip is if you want basic delay,mods and rev sounds, get an amp that sounds good and ENHANCE it with something like this.6 for what i was using it for at the time, 2 for use in front end.


the first one i bought i still have and it is the most reliable piece of gear i have ever owned, nearly 10yrs old still going strong. the second one i got had the plastic buttons ripped out of half the edit switches as the previous owner had taken his frustrations out on the external actuators not the microswitches underneath that were the culprit. i am an electrician and the place i worked at the time had an electronis dept. who replaced all of the micros for me.i replaced the external buttons with some ones i cut out of perspex and it was still working flawlessly on the day i sold it.its a boss which means hard to stop and easy to fix if it does!

General Comments

i have played for 16yrs and am basically a rock jammer who these days gets more out of tweaking {censored} than actually using it,so i guess its fair to say the me-6 has become a doorstop.if you have an amp/guitar setup that already sounds good the delay/reverb /mod fx are passable enough for a bit of enhancement and {censored}loads cheaper than forking out on separate pedals.they lack realtime/midi control of parameters that are avaidable in gear these days for next to nothing,but if simplicity is what you want it works.i am presently driving my "obsolete" j-stations into a poweramp and using my K5000w for midi cc experiments on it.in 1994 there was not much to compare with the me-6 except the me-5 and i wish i had one.

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