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Sound Quality

At the moment i am running this with a chunk fuzz, boss noise suppresor but in the stages of purchasing a dunlop 105Q.This is played through a fender jp-90 into a lab systems ss600 with sovtek 410.The noises which come through the amp are at a minimum level but after the first uses and realising this was a waste of money it went straight into the cupboard.The effects which you are meant to be able to programme to your own settings are just shit. The only effects on this which i have found half usable are the ring modulater and the tremelo, still a pretty shitty sound.


No need to depend on using this pedal its not longer in use.

General Comments

This effect is mainly used in conjunction more with an alternative style of music,this does not work with this at all therefore i advise you not to purchase one of these extremely pathetic excuses for a multiple effects processor.

p.s even the built in tuner is {censored}.

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