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Sound Quality

Play a Taylor. Write down the price. Play this Cort. Look at the price for the comp. Taylor. They sound similar, with the Taylor taking the overall award for a more full and louder sound. But both can handle heavy strumming as well as delicate finger picking.


This guitar sounds very good on stage. With the Fishman EQ, feedback is non-existant and the controls are a breeze to work with. The tuners are Grover. Excellent. The finish is top notch to me. In fact, didn't notice any difference between the Taylor I had next to it. Strap button is just fine. Very dependable. Again, I compare this guitar to a jumbo Taylor.


General Comments

This is one of the better guitars I've owned. As I play more live, I've been buying and then selling or trading like mad. I'm down to three. This Cort, my Ovation Balladeer and my Seagull 12 string, no pickup installed. For 419.00, and for the great tone, clarity and sustain, you can't go wrong. Comp. guitars would be the Takamine 330, at 419.00, the Martin oox1 (?) no pickup, around 400.00 or the Tacoma Chief. Again, around same price. As I play more guitars when I get to different music stores, the expensive acoustics seem to sit an awfully long time with no owners. The process of making a fine quality acoustic guitar these days has been terriffic for the buying public. Be frugal, and smart.

Reviewer's Background

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