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Sound Quality

I put this through the effects loop of my Crate CR-100EV amp, and other times loop it through my mixing board for other instruments and vocals. Nice, deep reverbs, good Leslie effect, nice chorus, robot is fun, harmonizer OK but not "intelligent" so the interval doesn't vary based on key. Flange is cool. Note that this is supposed to be a "studio" processor with sections of effects for various instruments (drums, vocals, keyboards, bass etc.) that are pictured over the LCD screen, and which don't include electric guitar, so there is no "distortion" effect per se. A little indicator shows which instrument the effect is supposed to correlate with. However, I've enjoyed all the effects I've mentioned with my electric guitar. I also once made a gorgeous recording of an acoustic guitar lead using one of the "studio" reverb settings (preset number 2). Several of the effects make my otherwise somewhat dry Roland Juno keyboard a bit more involving as well. The unit strikes me as only a little noisy. I've definitely heard worse in that regard.


I've never had a problem with mine. But the thing is obviously cheap plastic, so don't drop it and do get something to store and transport it in! I kept the original styrofoam and glued it into a plastic saxophone reed case for storage. I also use Velcro to keep it from falling off of my amp or board.

General Comments

Most of the effects are competent for something, although there are more exciting and more professional units available, especially now, 10+ years after the 9001 came out. But it is very compact, programmable, stereo, and decent sounding. If you can get one inexpensively and are willing to take care of it, I definitely think it's worth having. Also, although I'm not using them, I seem to recall from the manual that in addition to the built-in presets, which can also be reprogrammed and saved, you can also save in up to 40 user presets. I guess that manual would be worth unearthing!

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