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Sound Quality

I bought the machine for live use. I'm a saxophone player. I put a preamplified mic-signal through a boss loopstation and then in the ef303. The quality of the majority of the effects is great. It sounds the same as the boss 'stompbox'pedals to me. However the filter really sucks. Unless U R 1 of the guys that actually like a digital sounding filter, it's crap and in extreme settings, it clicks (U BET!). Another bad thing for live use is the LO FI. It is almost impossible 2 tweak it live. U'll hear nothing but clicks... Once tweaked, it does what it's supposed to do. The drumkits? forget about it. It's an effect unit, not a beatbox. Though I must admit that the hats are Phat. The synth is NOT a TB303, but it sounds good and is very usable. Another thing I dont like is the little click U hear when changing from effect. So that are the things I don't like on the thing. The rest is really cool. But thats just what 2 expect from a 500€ Roland piece of gear.


I have only 2 days


General Comments

For live use:

Versatile box. Many possibilities! A keeper for sure. Whats a bit of a bummer is the fact that you cant hear 2 or more effects simultaniously and the stupid littke cracks while switching from effect.

Easy to use.


Studio use:

Forget the effects. Maybe 4 a PA it's good, but I dont want to waste my handcrafted 96/32bit beatz thru a 'groove-oriented' roland device :)


If you haven't got a midi-controller, this is heaven! 16faders and 3 knobs. Not a bad extra I think.

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