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Sound Quality

A Ring Modulator is very rarely used in guitar music because it is an atonal effect. It takes two signals, mixes them together and adds two new signals based on the sums and differences of the original signals, one higher and one lower. This makes a bell like chiming sound. Bells contain very strong non harmonic elements. With a guitar you only have one signal so the second signal is generated by an internal ossilator. This is a very simple fixed frequency ring modulator in a pedal. There is also a distortion. This is the same as a DOD grunge pedal with the grunge knob on zero and all knobs at 12 O'clock. The ring modulator and distortion are in parallel to each other (not in series) so you can blend them together. This pedal makes all kinds of atonal noises and to the inexperienced it sounds totally "out there" and unique. However please remember that Ring Modulation is not unique to this pedal. There are other pedals that will give you the same sound. Here is the deal with this pedal: This is yet another so called "vintage" pedal that was good value for $30 when it came out. It was discontinued and suddenly became worth a great deal of money because some famous artist used it. We've all seen Jonny Greenwood and his Shredmaster. A very mediocre pedal and it's suddenly worth a great of money just because you can't get it anymore. In this case it was the guy from Incubus. I've seen these pedals go for $200 on ebay. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! This pedal is so not worth it. This is a bog standard fixed frequency ring modulator. You can't even tune it and it is completely useless for anything except playing "Glass". It is very limited and very noisey and any other ring modulator will get you the sound that this pedal does and much much more too. Come on people - an Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyser does all that this pedal does and much more besides for over half the price. It makes me feel sick that people spend all that money on a used Gonkulator only because they are ignorent at what a ring modualator does and how to use one. I guarentee that anyone who has any experience in using any other type of ring modulator will agree that this pedal is a waste of time.


General Comments

This is not a bad pedal if you see it for less than $30. If you see one get it and sell it to make yourself some money.

This is a very simple cheap basic and extremely limited ring modulator pedal. If you use it to make occasional silly noises - great you'll have fun with it. I hope you enjoy it. If you want to use ring modulation in a serious way please consider that there are other ring mods available. Every single one is better (and often cheaper) than this extremely rare and funny little pedal. I'd even go as far to say that the ring mod in my zoom multieffect is better than this one.


PLEASE don't waste your money. You can do so much better than this.

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