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Sound Quality

See my previous review. There is one more strange thing in relation to this problem I should have mentioned. Any band used will increase the noise, BUT you can raise or lower the output slider (+15db -15db) with NO EFFECT on the loudness of the hiss. Weird. But now the rest of the story. I took the pedal down to the store I bought it at. I plugged it into a brand new Peavey (I think it was) Tube amp. It was MUCH quieter, but when I got the guy to really crank the amp (didn't dare touch a string at this volume) the noise was clearly there. The salesman looked up in surprise even. I showed him all the tricks that it was the same level his lowering or raising any band, etc. He took another one from the shelf, exactly the same! I went up the street to another store (this one didn't have one) and bought a Boss NS-2 noise suppressor. Got it home, it helped but the hiss is so bad on my amp that even when I am playing I don't mask it completely and the suppressor lets the hiss through though it did help. Sorry for the epic, but this is stuff I would really have liked to have known before buying the GE-7, so I figure maybe someone else will find this interesting. Anyway, background...I bought my amp a while back, it always has had buzzes and noises, though I never heard THIS hiss/white noise tilk I got the pedal. The music store proved that the pedal does end up making self-noise but the thing that changes from amp to amp is the level of it. It is acceptable in a brand new amp that works okay, and with a noise suppressor it is even better. My amp has always had other noises though, and I was sure the volume pot on the clean channel was ready to go out, because it made terrible scratchy noises (but not alway at the same setting!) when I turned it up or down sometimes. Also made a LOUD pop when going into standby mode, but only now and then. I still loved the sound of the amp though. So I changed out the preamp (12AX7A) tube (1 of 5...) that they use half of for the guitar input on the amp. MAAAANNN...I just got myself a new amplifier! This thing is now MUCH quieter, no scratch sounds when I move the volume, and so far no popping when I go to standby. I think I can safely throw away the tube I took out. And as for the GE-7...it still is making noise, but it is bearable, and with the suppressor it is pretty quiet in most bands. This particular noise now is a little higher in the higher bands...again I am not amplifying the noise, because it also is as loud with a cut in the HF areas. But it is MUCH better. So my advice to anyone thinking about this pedal is, be aware, there IS noise from these pedals, but it may be okay. Check the store policy for returns, or bring your amp in to use to try out the pedal (drastic...yes, but in this one case maybe worth it). Higher volumes bring it out more.


It's consistent in that it is a nice pedal but makes noise...also consistently.

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