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Sound Quality

I used to this pedal primarily for a clean boost, or as kind of an "emergency" pedal. For example, at a gig, if I just couldn't get a good tone for some reason, or my highs were really weak or my lows too boomy, I would tweak one of the little sliders to fix the problem ater i had exhausted all other possibilities (lousy amp setting, crappy strings, whatever). It usually worked fairly well. It's pretty trasnsparent overall, I never noticed any major alterations to my sound, but I never really used it in a very intense or extreme way, just little subtle tweaks here and there. I use a variety of Telecasters and a Stratocast with a solidstate Fender amp.


My pedal is in pretty good shape. It never saw the tours of duty that my other pedals saw. I have seen some really banged up examples of this pedal that still worked perfectly, and I own other Boss pedals that look like they were used to knock holes through walls, so I'd have to say the reliability is pretty good.

General Comments

Overall, I would consider this pedal expendable. I could easily find a replacement. In fact, I forgot I owned one until a few months ago, when I was digging through some old road cases and found it buried under some old cables and a couple of string wrappers. But that doesn't mean I don't like it, or wouldn't be able to findsome use for it. I've been thinking of assembling a new pedal board, and I would probably include some space for this one. I could see it beng very useful for making quick tonal changes or using as a boost of some sort.

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