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Sound Quality

I bought this thing because i play clean sounds at loud volume. It really gets rid of the messy sound almost like a compressor. For distortion it works good too. It's made my tone more tight, HOWEVER, I did find it a little noisy. If you leave all the faders at the middle, you get the exact same sound of your set up. Once you move one of the faders, it starts to hiss a little. Even when you move the fader down! Weired. And I can agree with the other guy that it doesn't matter about the level of the unit, you can hear the hiss no matter what the volume settings are. But I'll have to say it does improve my tone.


I have never had a problem with boss

General Comments

I play emo. I play my electric as if it was an acoustic, loud and clean, and then i kick it in distortion for chorus. This unit is good for what i do.

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