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Sound Quality

I was used to playing a Telecoustic, which I liked, so I really expected this guitar to sound a little thin and bluesy like the Fender. Not so, unplugged it has a nice full ringing tone to it. Not tinny or thin at all, with surprising bass. Since it has the ABS body, which I wanted, and it sounds good to boot, I am well pleased. Plugged in, just more of the same. You do have to crank your amp a little because of the passive pick-up (under bridge), but the volume control is pretty linear and the tone control actually changes the sound. Feeds back at little when I kick in boost and gain on my amp, but no worse than any other A/E guitar. I am playing it through a Vox Pathfinder 15R. With a little tremolo and roll off the treble a touch, it sounds sweet. I play mostly soft Christian music and slow blues. So, it suits me just fine.


As I said, nice and solid. With the ABS back, it should take a pounding and keep on playing. I don't do gigs for money, so I would use it stand alone. If something took a poop on it, I would just say oops and press on.

General Comments

I have been playing on and off for about 5 five years. I have a few other guitars laying around but this one and my Stella parlor guitar get played the most, cause they sound good, feel right and are fun. That's what its all about isn't it, Fun? I would buy another one if it was stolen. I just love the way it feels and fits me, because of the ABS back, like the way it sounds. I feel like there are better A/E's out there, but nothing comes near this one in playability, sound and quality for the price

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