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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Using a variety of guitars - mostly Seymour Duncan pickups but one 80s Ibanez Artist semi with tremendous Bare Knuckles Stormy Monday pickups. A Laney LC30 all-valve combo was used for comparison - 1x12 and 4xEL84s. Nice punchy amp. Firstly, that fan is intensly irritating in home/studio environment. Please put a bigger heatsink on it and lose that noisy fan! Secondly, this amp may claim to be 50 watts, but it is nowhere near that. The Laney simply blew it away. It's fine in reherasal/ studio or home, but live on stage it simply doesn't cut it for volume. A quick check on the rating plate on the back revealed what I suspected - power consumption of 53 watts. At best an amp is 60% efficient, plus a fair chunk of those watts will be feeding the DSP section. I'd reckon it's probably putting out around 20 -25 watts at best. Sonically it produces some decent sounds although as others have noted, you need to tweak it a bit. Noise gate suffers a bit from charge pumping. At full bore, the speaker begins to flap and there are cabinet resonances causing ugly overtones.


No issues yet, but it has made the occassional odd volume fluctuation.

General Comments

This is a decent enough practice amp spoiled by a lot of hype. It

simply doesn't have the power to cope with a live gig. My 30 watt

Laney blew it away and I would guess that a Roland Cube 60 would

do likewise, having tried one. It does have a lot of decent sounds

and FX for bedroom/recording use, but oh! that fan!!!

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