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Sound Quality

Big up to Marshall! this product sings like an Angel and roars like a devil. What else do ya need? But ya have to be very carefull what kind of tubes you are using. I tried mesa 12ax7 and those tubes sucked big time. Then i changed one cheap china made tube for a clean cahannel and sovtek for distortion channel and those are the real babes i love them they saved my life!


I have had no problems ever since. I have been touring in Russia in very bad conditions and without any broblems what so ever. I don`t give full ten cause of the rumors about the battery and what happen if it ruins out.

General Comments

I´m usin roctron intellifex and vht 2150 and vht 2*12 louded with vintage celestions.

And last but not least im using rocktron midi mate floorboard.

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