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Sound Quality

Does its job. Very powerful when used judiciously. I can easily modify the tone colour by cutting certain frequencies; and the boost can be just easily used to add some overdrive to certain frequencies for guitar solos. I am currently using the pedal for the latter purpose (as post-distortion EQ), and I am quite happy with the sound that I have achieved with the EQ.


Has served me well since 1989 when I bought it (used). Absolutely no complaints.

General Comments

When I bought this thing, I had little idea of what it could do. Of course I tried all the simple setups (like the "V" setup), and thought that the pedal was "nice" but no more than that. Just "nice".

It was only later that I realized what a gem this pedal was. Today, it is so integral to my characteristic lead guitar sound that I could hardly live without it.

Would I buy another one if I lost it? Heck yeah! In fact, I have been thinking of buying another one anyway, for pre-distortion equalization.

About the only thing that could be better: it would be nice if you could program in and store different EQ "patches" for different needs. You don't want to adjust your EQ sliders in the middle of a gig! But I realize that then this unit would be a good deal more expensive.

If you have never used a graphic EQ, try this pedal (or an equivalent product). Your guitar will never sound the same again.

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