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Sound Quality

When i was looking for an amp, i was basically looking for a great sounding clean tone, it so hard to find those amps with those nice shimmering clean tone, but with this amp, i actually found what i was looking for, the tone was full, just a little tweek from the knobs can make a difference. The clean tone starts to distort when you go past 6 or 7. The distortion sounds great too, it's not that heavy but, you could definitely hear everything. When my friends saw my amp and heard it, they were astonished by the sound, and they didn't believe me at first that it's just 30 watts and the speakers are just 10 inch.


The only thing i don't like about this amp is the back, peavey should make something to give protection for the tubes because they are so open, that's why im so careful when im carrying it to gigs or parties, making sure no one touches the tubes.

General Comments

I've been playing for almost 11 years and this is so far te best tube amp i've used, even though it's my first. I use the amp through a variety of guitars, an ibanez s2020x, ibanez rg560, gibson lp standard, a strat and a peavey wolfgang. if it were stolen, i would catch the guy, shove the tubes in his ass and make him

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