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Sound Quality

I use a Telecaster with a Laney Amp and the following effects: DOD volume pedal, Lonax Analogue delay, Pro Co Rat, DOD Gonkulator, EH frequency Analyser, Marshall Shredmaster, DOD flanger, DOD grunge, Boss DD3, Boss overdrive. The first thing to say is that it is not a ring modulator with Grunge distortion mixed in like the press sometimes says. I have the DOD grunge and it sounds nothing like this (just as well because the Grunge is too heavy and noisy for most uses, I only use it for "wall of noise" parts). This sounds closer to the Boss DS1 distortion or an overdrive. It's very Lo Fi sounding. Many people don't understand how to use a ring modulator or what one does. They take two signals and make two new ones related to the diferences in the two. If there is only one signal (from the guitar) then the second signal is generated by an internal ossillator. Yes, if it is untuned then you can make all kinds of atonal clanking & ringing noises. But the key to using them is to tune the ossillator to the key in which you are playing and it sounds like a kind of harminiser, but not in a bad synthetic cheesy way like most octavers (see Boss) or digital and sterile like a pitchshifter. It sounds metallic and industial sounding, kind of difficult to describe. It also adds a note ABOVE yours, not just below. This pedal has no way to tune the ossillator so you can only play in one key (Bflat, or even slightly lower than Bflat). Another part of the fun of ring modulators is turning the controls while you are playing making shortwave radio and moogish sounds (see Devo). You can't do this with this pedal. The ossillator is clearly audible all the time this pedal is on, kind of like a drone in the background, So you may want to get a noise gate if you want to use this a lot. I think it's quite cool, like another feedback channel. The actual ringmodulation is quite soft sounding compared to most, one guy on here said it sounded like an envelope filter, which it can sometimes. I like that you can mix the distortion in, you can't do that with any other ring mod pedal as far as I know. I sometimes use this with very subtle ring mod and distortion to add a few harmonics in the background. It doesn't have true bypass but I wasn't expecting it to. It doesn't suck tone too much unless you use like 10 similar pedals at once. Using just one won't make much difference. If you worry about it too much then use a line selector.


DOD pedals allways feel more reliable than Boss because they are chunkier despite plastic parts. The footswitch is plastic and my DOD flanger's switch sticks a bit, but all my other DOD pedals are fine including this one. I guess it depends. The battery cover often gets lost, I've never seen a second hand DOD pedal with a battery cover.

General Comments

I play Noise rock/shoegazing/Lofi. This pedal was my holy grail for a while because I decided I wanted a Ring Modulator a few years ago. This seemed to be the only one I could find that I could afford, but it was discontinued. I looked everywhere. There are very few Ring Modulators on the market that arn't £200 like the moogerfooger or Lovetone.

I eventually saved up and got a EH frequency analyser. I saw this on Ebay a few months ago and got it because my younger self would have been annoyed otherwise after all that time I spent looking for it.

It is kind of disappointing in the end because you can't alter the pitch of the carrier wave at all. This means it is only designed to make silly noises, not to have any serious use (hence the name). This may be for the best because my EH frequency Analyser is VERY hard to tune and beginners may find it daunting. This is for beginners only, but most DOD pedals are aimed at beginners. I do like DOD pedals as they all sound unique compared to Boss et al.

I WISH SO MUCH that the distortion gain knob (3rd one) altered the ring Modulation pitch. It would make this pedal a 9 or 10. It's such a shame.

This pedal is fast becoming a collectors item because it is very unique and discontinued. This means that it will become very expensive soon. I suggest getting an EH frequency analyser because you can get all the anarchic noises that this box does, but lots more for the same price as this "vintage" pedal. The EH one has a different analouge sound as well (but different to this. This has it's charm too. This is softer sounding and would be wonderful if you could tune it).

For sure if you see this cheap it's fun to play with, you may even find a use in a noisy break in a song or two. It may even be worth getting for an investment. But there's less and less chance of it happening as it gets rarer. This pedal is not worth "vintage" prices.

I do sometimes use this, but it is by no means an essential part of my sound.

The 3rd knob, distortion gain is never used and I just wish you could use it to alter the pitch and tune the ring modulator. It would have made a fairly good pedal into a great one.


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