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Sound Quality

incredible!!! i dunno how ive managed so long without one of these beasts. its my first single fx unit and it wont be my last. i bought it to brighten up the clean and acoustic simulator channels on my marshall avt275. i havent tried it through it yet since the prospect of carryin the amp up 4 flights of stairs just to have to take it back down for practice in 2 days doesnt sound good so ive just been running it thru my fender automatic se. its incrdible it can actually be made to sound like a marshall and it definetely does wot i intended it to do. there was noise but id put that down to my shitty fenders "distortion" if thats wot u could call it. incase ur wonderin no i dont like my fender amp and cant wait to get rid of its sorry ass but this pedal made it sing like an angel.


id definetely gig without back-up since i never use backups for anything when i gig.

General Comments

this is a great sounding pedal for my bands melodic rock especially since my bro is back playin lead after doin drums for so long so ill be doin alot more quiet rythmn stuff and it sound great. ive been playing nearly 6 years now and i have relativly good gear considering 1. im not rich and 2. im only 16 and finally 3. i dont wanna get off my sorry ass and get a real job. im using an epi sg 400 custom and a marshall avt. i was using a zoom 3000 but stopped since my marshall gives me all the od/ distortions i want. if it were stolen i'd hunt the punk down hit him on the head with it which would put him in a coma then take my new toy back home. didnt compare ti cos boss r used because they do wot they're supposed to do without any hassle. i like the fact it can be used as a boost too is really cool. i do some home recording and the vocals usually sound pretty dry and ill definetely be runnin the mic thru this from now on. i paid a little more than i was expectin so im deducting marks but to be honest thats the corporate money whores in mccormacks music fault not the pedals and ne way i still had money left for beer that night : )

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