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Sound Quality

sound quality is everything, soo easy to use, plug & play for the most part--would recommend purchasing at ANY skill level of play, used is only way to find these beauties now--user adjustible combinations, plus factory locked combo's allow free reign for half of what is available. I had combined my DigiTech RP-1 and my Digitech dsp 256xl and used a Rolls Midi-buddy to control the whole thing. as easy as call up a title by pressing numbers on the Rolls, modify sound as needed by pressing a seperate pedal on the rp if needed--then BAM!, no need to stop playing to switch effects!--the Chorus, four tap delay, and distortions are deep--compression, flange & room effects are intense


unit has been reliable for over ten years, i am currently seeking a replacement battery for this unit--any leads? drop me an e-mail :blazygato@verizon.net--need it like a musician needs his instrument, like a fish needs food, water & to not be eaten by other fish, or caught by a fisherman--get it?

General Comments

I play a lot of metal, jazz, funk, blues & what i like to call "home made"--the home made is where i combine styles, i can combine a rythmic right hand strum and finger picking to add a lot of emotion to two different styles to make one original style and it typically sounds good either of the three ways.

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