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Sound Quality

I use my JMP-1 with a Boogie 2:50 Power Amp (6L6s tubes) and the incredible state of the art Marshall sound from the 12AX7 Pre Tubes can go from vintage pure clean, to modern Hi Gain distortion, passing thru shades of overdrive that only a Marshall can deliver. Combining this unit with the colours of a Boogie Power Amp was a perfect set up for a high quality sound. AWESOME! But, friends, you must have A GOOD GUITAR, with HIGH QUALITY PICK UPS, a GOOD CABINET with EXCELENT SPEAKERS, and some also GOOD CABLES and GREAT EFFECTS. All the reviews I've saw, all the points that JMP-1 lost, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!, all this "sounds problems" are not from JMP-1 skills!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Please Friends, SPEND SOME TIME ON RESEARCH, learning how to set up your guitar sound!! JMP-1 is perfect!! Our ignorance is the problem!! And blame the Marshall Technology for shipping a Pre-Amp that have 2 amazing valves working together with a solid state innovative circuitry is, AGAIN, IGNORANCE!! Less valves, less problems!! The JMP-1 have the right quantity of valves for a better performance and a minimum maintenance. This is the future on Amps technology...only the blind can not see that!! Take a look at the new MODE FOUR Marshall Head, the wonderfull tones that this beast can offer, and you will understand that a valve-only AMP is not a synonym of better sound anymore!! The mix between valves and circuits is the new strategy to optimize the performance. FOR SURE!!


Strong, Heavy Duty project, this unit was made for lifetime. And you have only 2 valves to care about. Less is more...to o save our money, keep our focus on play, play, play, play...

General Comments

U$700 for the entire Marshall Tone History!! IT'S A BARGAIN!! HOW CAN A MARSHALL SHIP JMP-1 AT THIS PRICE? Using the ENOUGH quantity of valves!! PERFECT!! GENIUS PROJECT!! HAIL TO JIM MARSHALL!!! And the other companies?...back to school!!!...to learn how to built a true, state of the art guitar amp speaking of Features, Sounds, reliability, Custom Support and, THE MOST IMPORTANT, with a FAIR PRICE!!

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