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Sound Quality

Put it after your distortion and it is amazing. If you don't think it has a good sound, it is just hard to believe. Also if you think it is "noisy" go play with your digital "effects" which are whisper quiet, but are a joke to listed to. This is the real deal. I run Metal Zone to Flanger to Tremolo to Super Phaser to Chorus to GE-7 to DD-5 to Tu-2 and it is the best pedal setup ever. My amp is a Crate VC-50, which is also an amazing amp. For all the people who are like Crate sucks...play a VC-50 and tell me how sweet the clean is (which is all you need to base you pedal collection on). The tube distortion is sweet as well, it just growl like a Marshall. This pedal is amazing!


BOSS enough said

General Comments

Like I said before it is an awesome flanger. I read the reviews for this pedal and a whole bunch of wankers were bad mouthing this pedal...I just don't understand how you couldn't rank this perfect. So that is my opinion...I'm pretty opinionated about this topic, Sorry if I offended anyone with my remarks.

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