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Sound Quality

I am a blues vocalist-harmonica player by trade (with a bit of 60's rock & soul), and an occasional guitarist (mediocre at best on guitar) who uses the guitar to write songs.


This guitar feels as durable as any other acoustic/electric I've tried. A strap button at the base of the neck would make it much better. It appears dependable.


General Comments

This guitar is better than many I have seen, that are more expensive. The guitar techs at Player's Guitars said it felt like a $500 Yamaha. I looked at many acoustic/electrics and am glad that I bought the SC-Solid. The natural color wood looks the classiest. I would buy another Peal in an instant. As Chicago's Very Own Mr. Jake would say..."Dats Cool"...and it is...:) God Bless.

Reviewer's Background

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