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Sound Quality

This is really two pedals in one, as you can't have them both at once so I'll describe it as such. The Wah is very unique sounding, it is very subtle compared to a crybaby or any other. However that means that it often gets lost before the distortion pedal, you can't have it after the distortion or you get the "wind" sound. Some people might prefer the sound of this wah (as someone said it's useful to avoid sounding like Hendix) but it's a bit too subtle for me. It's unique but not in a very good way for me. The switch is under your heel rather than your toe in this pedal and it is very sensative and it is very easy to turn the wah on and off without meaning to. I even broke the switch off so it would allways be on because it annoyed me so much. I use the switch at the side to turn the wah on and off now. The pedal doesn't have much range either. I don't really use Wah anyway when I play. I never use the wah on this pedal, but that's only because I have no need for one. A volume pedal is a volume pedal and only requires a few things: Quiet operation (no crackles or anything which mine is quiet) and to stay in the same position when you leave it (ie not to flop down on it's own) This is also fine. The lack of range is a bit annoying but it just means that you have to move it subtly. It's easier than using your guitar volume pedal.


It is the weight of a house brick. It is a second hand DOD so (surprise surprise) it has no battery cover.

General Comments

I've never used the Wah. That's because I don't like Wah though, you may or may not like it. I wish you could increase the volume of the effect because it is too quiet. You can only adjust where the sweep is using the pots inside.

The volume pedal is very useful and you can do all sorts or reverse sounds and swells with practice. I wish it had more range but it's still pretty good. But how can you mess up a volume pedal? It's not hard, even £5 walkmans have volume controls.

Still it's worth the money I paid for it. This pedal sat there for months until I realise just how useful a volume pedal is.

One this to add is that is has a bizzare AC adapter totally different from the Boss style. You can use this pedal to power other pedals with this style adapter, but I've never seen one. It is also 10 volts instead of 9 so I've never been able to find an adapter for it. Batteries do not last very long, but they still last a few weeks though. It's not too bad.

This pedal is pretty good if you see it in the second hand shop (now discontinued) but don't pay too much for it.

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