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Sound Quality

It's a fine effect, i never used the two lower settings cause i dont like em, but the two high- settings kick ass, the highest almost like a D Crybaby, just a little better, the second warmer, fuller with a slightly wider range, yet with thet cool Crybaby quack. The only problem with that second sound, that i encountered, is that if you use it for wobbly rhythm sounds it may happen to mess with the singers frequencies (depends on singer if you have one in your band).


Now the bad thing: I don't know what the guys who wrote the revies above did, but my pedal broken two times. It's always that Knobswitch that dies. (cost quite a bit to get it repired - broke again right away) I' m just getting it modified by a friend of mine who will replace the knob with a two-way switch, as i said i don't need four sounds.

General Comments

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