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Sound Quality

Without putting an EQ after it,I would probably give it a 5-6,but with an EQ,with boosted lows,I would give it 8-9. One thing that this pedal is seriously lacking is the bass. The high and the mid are all there,may be a little diffuse,and there may also be some tonal over rapping going on,but I find it to be the strong contributing facter to it's uniqueness. In short,I dig this pedal!


I have had some switching problems with my other DOD pedals, so tend to be gentle footed with this one.

General Comments

I got this pedal from a friend of mine who could no longer stand this pedal. I gave it a try and right away,I could tell that Bass was almost non existant.Adding an EQ made the difference of this pedal being un usable to really fun pedal to play. If it was lost(because I would gather that no one in thier right mind would steal it),I could probably pick one up on Ebay for $10! I also own some pedals that are considered to be good,Ibanez TS9, two Barber electronics overdrive pedals,Modded Boss Od-3,BD-2. So, I do know a good tone when I hear one. With an EQ,this thing sounds like an over driven Mashall who's front end has been slapped silly with some serious fuzz.It may be that it is only good for playing at low volumes, but I would take this anyday instead of the remodeled,simulated,fake digital stuff( yes,sorry to say but I have been there and done that).

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