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Sound Quality

With stock Japan electronics it sounded like crab. But as planned, this bass came alive when I gutted the electronics. Replaced the vol/blend/tone pots with top-quality vol/vol/tone pots. Took out stock pups. Added a P pup from a '97 USA P-bass, and a 'Fender Vintage J-Bass Original Bridge Pickup'. I now a have some serious thump and tone! I'm pleased with the results of the upgrade. The bass wasn't worth playing before the upgrades, but now I have a SUPER LIGHT bass that sounds really good. It was done cheaply too since I bought all the pickups used. This bass has hum/buzz due to NO shielding in the control cavity, but I plan on fixing that soon with some conductive paint. And did I mention that this bass is LIGHT!


Haven't owned it long enough to comment. The lightweight Gotoh tuners seem sturdy for the size and weight. Stays in tune well. Bridge isn't stock, but it's sturdy.


General Comments

Great bass for an aching back. Big, beafy sound (with upgrades) despite the weight. Not the classic styling you see in vintage-style Fenders (MB stands for "modern bass"), but it gets the job done. Some new classy new knobs and a p-bass bridge cover puts lipstick on this pig! I'm happy with it. Good gigging bass. It will be my workhorse and my chiropractor bills should be drasticly reduced.

Reviewer's Background

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