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Sound Quality

I dont know about his one. I can (and do) use this pedal as a distortion pedal. If I turn the level knob anywhere through 8-10, I get a really nice distortion out of this thing, then I can use the eq to adjust how I want it to sound. Im pretty sure its not supposed to do this, but hey, Im not complaining, I use the distortion quite a bit now that I've gotten over my original upset. With the level down, it works like a good ol' eq. I got to knock some points for the distortion even though I like it.


Well, I think it's broke. Maybe I put too much power into it and blew something. It looks sturdy though.

General Comments

Overall I like it alot, and don't like to play anymore without it. I like the control it gives over my sound especially when using it after other effects. I can change the sound overall, or pick out something I like in the sound and make it stand out.

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