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Sound Quality

First of all: If you want to use this pedal to shape your distorted sound it is necessary that you put it behind your distortion unit!! (i use my amp for distortion so i use it in my fx loop) I've read some reviews of people who said that this is a noisy pedal but i never had a problem with this. I have the idea people are just saying this because some guy who mods pedals says that it's a shitty pedal unless you let him mod it. I use my GE7 with an epiphone les paul custom into a randall RG75 combo (solid state). I bought this pedal to accurately shape my sound and it does the job perfectly. I play mainly metal, think of Slayer, Vader, Megadeth... I managed to clone their sound very accurately with my little GE7.


It's Boss... it's almost impossible to wreck it.

General Comments

This extremely effective little box is a must have for any guitarist. If i ever lose this pedal i'd buy a new one right away. I was also thinking about getting the MXR 10 band eq but i decided to go for the Boss GE-7 because they're so reliable. This pedal was the best purchase i've done in a long time... it is always on when i'm playing guitar! I can't do without it!

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