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Sound Quality

im running an epiphone limted edition with stock pick ups to the 2101 to my home stereo system/mixing board to p.a/solid state combo amp/carvin t-100 stereo poweramp to 2x12 marshall cabinets. (no, its not all hooked up at the same time, these are just the alternate setups i have to use with this unit. first off, theres so many ways you can run this thing, i love it in stereo with stereo choruses, reverbs, and delays, panning back and forth, either automatically or with a sweep of the internal expression pedal. this unit has a great noise gate, it lets your notes sustain without cutting them off, and takes ot all the background noise, the unit is dead silent when your not playing. just make sure you have it set properly. i found all the effects to be very very good, i have no experience with lexicons or eventide type units, but i have no desire to want one of those units as this digitech is very satisfying. the only effect i dont like are the wah (i use a snarling dogs mold spore) and the whammy doesnt seem to sound good on settings where you set the pitch up, but it seems alright for lowering the pitch. the delays, reverbs, flangers, choruses, tremolos, detuners, phasers all sound amazing. now, alot of people tend to complain about the preamp section.....i dont understand why. i have groove tubes 12ax7's, and i love the preamp section, if you can think of a tone in your head, you can find it in this unit. I play tool, a perfect circle, opeth, smashing pumpkins, and my own stuff, and theres tones in here for all that stuff, well aslong as your running it trough a decent tube poweramp. going direct to board alters the your tone, but it still sounds good. the tube section is very warm and rich, and the 7 band eq is plenty. the compressor tightens everything up to, so its perfect for metal. the cabinet emulator doesn't sound that great, when i go direct to baord i prefer the sound of the 2101 without the emulator, but thats just me. all in all, i love this thing, and i wouldn't trade or sell it for anything.......except a diezel vh-4 with vht 4x12 cabinets, and a lexicon mpx-g2. but thats only if i had roadies, and a shitload of extra cash laying around. as of now i could not be more happy carrying just my guitar, 2101, and floorbaord to gigs and band practise.


like i said, its from '95, and i haven't had a problem with it, i would and do gig without a backup

General Comments

like i said before i play tool, opeth ect. ect. this is perfect for what id do, it has such a nice midrangy growl to it. ive been playing for about 7 years, and just recently have been getting better gear. i used to have and ada mp-1 with my carvin t-100 poweramp, and prior to that i had a marshall combo, with various boss effect pedals, and needless to say the only things i have left is the carvin, which i sometimes use with the 2101. oh yeah, i also had an rp 20, let me say a few things about that. first off the delay between switching patches was very annoying (the seamless patch changing on the 2101 is unbelievable) it only had one tube which made the saturated tube section sound very sterile, i always had to combine the tube and solid state distortions to get a full enough sound, the effects were great, the one theing i wish the 2101 had was the whammy from the rp20, but i dont use that often so its not a problem. and last but not least, it sounds like absolute SH** live. the nice full distortion tone ive been working on for so long with my solid state amp at home, sounded completly thin and quacky, and weak, and....well like sh** when going straight to board, ven with the cabinet emulator one. This was such a big factor for me because i don't like lugging a poweramp around to gigs, and i don't like lugging my cabs and poweramp to practise, if im not at home i go straight to board. This was also the main reason i took the 2101 over the 2120 or 2112, sinse the 2120/2112 are basically the rp20 x2, there was no way i was going to take thechance of having a horrible live tone again. if it were lost or stolen, i would definately look for another one, they go pretty cheap on ebay. the only thing i wish i could do with this is have it so i could choose on each patch whether the effects or preamp go first. right now it always has to be preamp - effects, but i like the sound of a flange dictating the distortion on milder distortion settings, and i can't do that unless i have a flanger in front of the unit. i just remembered another reason i chose this over the 2120/2112. with the 2120/2112 the effects loop goes before the preamp, which to me seems pretty useless, when you could just stick a pedal in front and have the same result, but with the 2101 the fx loop is after the preamp and prior the fx, which makes sense, because now you could have your favorite delay pedal, and put it in there after the distortion, or do what i want to do and throw a flanger before the distortion not using the loop. i think this thing is great for writhing your own stuff and finding your own sound aswell as playing covers with your favorite artist sound, the only way it gets in the way is when you first get it, you want to spend a lot of time tweaking instead of playing, but once you get all your sounds down to a tee and programmed your set. if you've been thinking about getting one, do yourself a favor and buy it, this is by far the best thing digitech has ever made.

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