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Sound Quality

When I bought it I just had a very, very, very crappy Ibanez rx-20, and with this thing plugged into it and to my amp (old amp that I can't even tell who made it) it sounded like the best thing I have ever heard. This pedal is versatile, but works best when used for crunchy, clear, and defined sounds. This thing can really screach and when you run it through a chorus or any other effect (I have a DOD VGS50) you can get anything from very bassy thumping sound that is good for rhythm to the most staticy (for lack of any word in the english vocabulary) sound that will make your ears bleed.


the thing seems to be made from a solid steel block. I wonder how any hardware can even fit in there and still be so sturdy. Oh, this thing gussles batteries so I would advise buyig the adapter for it, trust me, the twenty bucks it costs will last you longer than twenty dollars worth of batteries( well, that's obvious).

General Comments

I play a lot of industrial and goth rock(NIN, Stabbing Westward, London After Midnight, etc.). Although these styles don't use such a crunchy distortion (especially goth rock), this pedal not only sounds good when playing these styles, but also create that perfect mood and atmosphere for these styles. I have been playing for about two or three years and still own my Ibanez and also have a fender american standard telecaster and a fender cyclone. I have a bunch of amps that I don't even know the names of. I have a DOD VGS50 and an MXR Blue Box(One of the coolest pedals I've heard, which I would recommend for any other industrial players). If this thing was stolen, I would go out and buy twenty more and still track down the guy who stole, kill him slowly, and take my pedal back because, no matter how many of these things you buy, I would always make sure that I have all of them with me all the time(need I say more?). This thing is so good for making music with because it can adjust to what you want the music to sound like. Know what? I'm just gonna shut the hell up so that you can go buy this amazing pedal right now.

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