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Sound Quality

I play a US Fender strat with Bill Lawrence hum cancelling pickups. In the effects loop I have a Lexicon Delay and BBE Sonic Maximizer. I find this unit works well for what I need it to do. I don't want to distroy the sound of my guitar, I still want the Strat sound at the other end. I like gain, and sustain, but I also like clarity and this unit provides that. The EQ works great on the unit and it is possible to create a wide range of sounds. Its does create a Marshall tone though. If Marshall isn't your taste this unit probably isn't for you. Some of the reviews on this site criticize the unit for having solid state circuits. Most amps and preamps these days have some solid state circuits and that includes the holy grail of preamps, the Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis, so that shouldn't be considered too unusual. In fact the original Plexi's had a solid state recitifier, which together with the EL34 power tubes produced the classic British sound that all the boutique amp manufacturers are trying to replicate. I looked at a lot of preamps before I bought this unit and I think it represents good value compared to equivalent products. I am not sure why some reviewers can't get enough distortion / overdrive with this unit. Even with single coil pickups I can get bags of distortion / sustain. Maybe they need to look at the quality of the pickups on their guitars? A poor quality guitar will still sound poor quality though any amp. Don't listen to these bozos. Try this preamp with a decent guitar and let your ears decide whether this is a good amp or not.


I have't had it long enough to rate it. Although it looks a bit old fashioned it is a sturdy unit and I don't expect to have too may problems.

General Comments

Great unit. Does everything I need it to. Love the midi control and the versatility that provides. Great value for money. This unit will replicate all the classic Marshall sounds.

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