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Sound Quality

I use it with a Bass Guitar. The brand is Bass Collection. I got it from a guitarist friend. He was not using it because of the awful performance on electric guitar. But I find it very useful for bass guitar.The chain is Bass Collection->Bass Compactor->FX 53-> Ampeg 1x15 . You can get a cool distortion sound and nice overdrive. The only problem is the hiss. I turn it off when I am not playing it. In a one guitar-singer-drummer-bass band situation it works fine. But it is not a top end gear. If you find a cheap one I recommend you to give it a try.


Yes I haven't found a problem up to this day. It is heavy and has a metal case.

General Comments

I play funk - rock styles. Mostly I use it on rock songs but in some part of funk songs it can be handy. My fav feature is its versatilty. I wish it has made for in first place for bass.

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