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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

I play a 79 Fender Strat, 85 Fender Telecaster (MIJ, 68 pink paisley reissue), 83 Squire Bullet (MIJ, kick arse guitar, not your cheap run-of-the-mill bullet you see today), Peavey EXP Limited. All single coils except the Peavey EXP has a humbucker at the bridge position. I play a lot of Blues, Classic Rock, a little Country and dabble in Jazz. This is a great amp for Blues and Classic Rock. Not very useful for Country and somewhat limited for Jazz. Is it noisy? That brings me to how I've come to own this jem. I bought a used EVJ combo at GC. Brought it home, found it to be a bit noisy and a constant hum. Read some reviews, realised there were upgrades, etcetera. Took it back to GC, traded up for the head and cabinet version 3. Very clean! I'll admit it gets a tad noisy if you have it wide open, but what amp doesn't? Stays fairly clean at lower volumes but distorts gradually from about 10 o'clock on up. My fave settings so far are having the volume anywhere between 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock. The distortion is really nice. Haven't found the need to run the amp much past the 1 or 2 o'clock volume settings. I think the EVJ cabinet is a great addition! The stock Lady Luck speaker sounds great in my opinion. In fact I think the head and speaker both sound great right out of the box. When I first bought it, I had gran ideas about modifications but honestly after playing it extensively over the last two months, I really don't see the need. At best, I would consider adding a stand-by switch. Honestly, I'll come closer to buying a second head and go mod crazy on it. For the price, it seems like the best idea for me and also gives me a back-up. I have a feeling the price on these amps will eventually rise, so I'm thinking of getting the second while the price is right!


Owned it for two months, no problems. Gigging tho, it's only smart to have a back up.

General Comments

I've been playing guitar for 30-some years. I also have a Fender Twin, Peavey Classic 30, Fender Eighty-Five. The Twin sounds awesome, of course, but it's heavy and usually more than I need. The Classic 30 has been my main amp for the last several years. It sounds awesome, it's powerful enough, sound great for about any type of music and has been reliable. Since buying the EVJ, it's seen zero use. I'm anxious to gig with the EVJ and see how it'll hold up. I imagine it would do fairly well in a smaller setting. We'll see. To be honest tho, if it never left my music room, it would be worth the price for the enjoyment I've already had playing it.

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