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Sound Quality

i use a fender american standard telecaster, american fat strat texas special, fender hot rod deluxe, digitech whammy, dunlop crybaby wah, proco rat, boss metal zone, boss overdrive, boss phaser boss flanger and boss dd5 delay and then this. this thing sounds awesome, but it is a select effect most definately, not something you should use too often like a wah.


dude, i dont know too much about dod, looks pretty sturdy, but the on/off cover looks a bit ???? i dont stomp on my effects anyways

General Comments

id definately buy it again...its awesome. im into rock (tool, radiohead) so it suits it pretty well. im not an effects junky like those dorks from korn, so i mainly use the clean sound on my guitar, overdrive or distortion and wah. but it works for when i want it very well

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