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Sound Quality

my only complaint is that it has a slight bit of noise, but, seeing that analog freaks don't mind a little randomness in their patch, i like it fine. you have NO idea. you can open this pedal, it has three or four (can't remember) pots on the board. turn the knobs all the way up, plug your guitar in and adjust the pots. you can get so much more out of this pedal if you TWEAK it correctly. you can get the res to generate an analog sine wave. you can then adjust the frequency/pitch of that sine wave with the manual adjust knob. then you can put that pitch on an lfo with the depth/rate knobs. VERY cool. i'm more of a synth geek than a guitarist, and i can make some very nice sigur-ros ambient stuff with some old boss analog pedals. this is a bonafide analog sine oscillator! VERY cool pedal. i haven't reviewed any of my other japanese pedals because everything's already been said about them, but this one is so so nice for ambient. i'm gonna buy a second one to do stereo effects! if you own a japanese pedal, open it up. it most likely has at least one pot. you can adjust the sensitivity of the res or rate knobs.


look at everyone else's cheesy comments.

General Comments

my favorite pedal. i own over a dozen japanese, analog pedals. and this one will {censored} up your sound more than ANY! did i mention it's analog?

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