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Sound Quality

Every DOD pedal I have ever tried has been mediocre or crap. This one is no different. DOD, I believe, makes lower quality effects targeted at kids, and casual players. Serious players and professionals using DOD has to be few and far between. I use PRS and Strat guitars. Marshall & Soldano amps. Budda Bud Wah, Fulltone Deja Vibe 2, Choral Flange (Fulltone is the best stuff going. BAR NONE) TS-9 Tubescreamer modded to 808 specs. Carl Martin Compressor Limiter. MXR Phase 90, & a Boss DD-5 digital delay. Good quality stuff. DOD is very inferior.


Totally undependable like al DOD effects. Cheap switches and components. Their housing is pretty sturdy though. I used the DOD years ago when I bought it before a gig to substitute for a TS-9 that was stolen. I ened up using for a month or so until my replacement Tubscreamer came in. It only broke 3 times that month. I guess that's pretty reliable. DOD should be proud of there work and quality. Yep, that's sarcasm boys and girls. I would never dream of gigging with any DOD, let alone having a backup for them. If however, I did gig with a DOD I would bring 2 backups since they are such dog S--t

General Comments

My overall rating for this is -4. My overall rating for DOD is 2.

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