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Sound Quality

I love how versatile this pedal is. I use two completely different acoustics in my shows:a Takamine FP360SC and a Martin 0001R, and the chorus is great for both. The Takamine has an on board EQ, so the sound is pretty big. I go pretty subtle on the chorus on the Tak, but the Martin just has a Fishman bridge pickup, so I use quite a bit of chorus to get the sound a little wetter.


I have beaten, stomped, dropped and abused this pedal for years, and it works every time.

General Comments

I play acoustic rock, and it's perfect for my needs. I set up with this pedal and use some digital delay on my Behringer board going through Behringer B3000 powered speakers. I do one-man shows and full band stuff, and the sound quality in this setup is absolutely what I want. I have played other chorus pedals that lose the high end, but this one has a high boost knob to counter that problem.

I have played professionally since 1990

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